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Add support for complex aggregate store in InstCombine

Authored by deadalnix on May 13 2015, 4:31 PM.



As per title. This is a continuation of the work to support aggregate load and store properly. This got throught the aggregate and form an integral using bitcast and various bit manips, and store a large integral at the end representing the layout of the aggregate.

Ensure this is done after alignement calculation so semantic is not altered as far as the machine is concerned.

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Pass PackSize down instead of recomputing it every time it is needed.

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This looks very questionable. InstCombine isn't supposed to create integer operations using types like i256.

@majnemer I've been told the exact reverse last I tried to get something similar in (it was generating a set of store instead of one giant one).

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As per discussion with @majnemer , the open question is what to do if the aggregate is larger than what is supported on the target.

IMO, it is still preferable to generate load too larges, as they are at least somewhat supported as opposed to not supported at all.

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Rebase, ping, ping ?

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Rebased that diff on top of existing master. I'd really like to get that moving. I'm aware of the concern voiced by @majnemer , however

  • No better solution is on the table by now. Asking for something better is ok, but just letting the thing hang around is just poor code review management.
  • The proposed combination is at least understood by most of the toolchain, when fca are not. That is just dumb to reject an improvement simply for the foggy hope of some better improvement that is never comming.

I do think I have proven to be sticking around and can be trusted to continue work on that in the future. inf act, the process has been so slow that pretty much anyone would have given up by now.

It's been a month that this is just sitting there. You guys need to provide a way forward to get it as it is. I just can't reimplement that in a new way every 2 month because nobody has any clue how to move forward on the subject. This is disrespectful of my work and hurtful for the project at large as you can't get a better strategy to get contributor pissed of.

I think it would be useful to take a step back and ask "why is your IR generator creating loads of such large aggregates". I feel like if we had this information, we'd be able to determine what the best course of action is.

Pretty much all frontend need to manipulate aggregate. clang is no exception. Right now all frontend use a set of trick to make that work. clang does it via doing memcpy of the struct into an alloca and letting SROA do the work.

I can do the same on my own or we can facilite frontend writter life by handling aggregates properly. The later is preferable.

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Rebased, retested, ping ping ?

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