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Debug Info: Represent local anonymous unions as anonymous unions.
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Authored by aprantl on Apr 28 2015, 3:45 PM.



Debug Info: Represent local anonymous unions as anonymous unions in the debug info.
This patch deletes a hack that emits the members of local anonymous unions as local variables.

Why? Besides being morally wrong, the existing representation using local variables breaks internal assumptions about the local variables' storage size.


void fn1() {
  union {
    int i;
    char c;
  i = c;

with -g -O3 -verify will cause the verifier to fail after SROA splits the 32-bit storage for the "local variable" c into two pieces because the second piece is clearly outside the 8-bit range that is expected for a variable of type char. Given the choice I'd rather fix the debug representation than weaken the verifier.

Debuggers generally already know how to deal with anonymous unions when they are members of C++ record types, but they may have problems finding the local anonymous struct members in the expression evaluator.

Eric, do you know whether the local variable trick is necessary for GDB compatibility?

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