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ComputeSupportExeDirectory for Linux

Authored by chaoren on Mar 23 2015, 5:36 PM.




The original method of using dladdr() could return the incorrect relative
path if not dynamically linked against liblldb and the working directory
has changed. This is not a problem when built with python, since
ScriptInterpreterPython::InitializePrivate calls
HostInfo::GetLLDBPath(ePathTypeLLDBShlibDir, ...) and caches the
correct path before any changes to the working directory.

The /proc/self/exe approach fails if run using Python, but works for all other
cases (including for android, which doesn't have dladdr()).

So if we combine the two, we should reasonably cover all corner cases.

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Do we need to keep this method around since HostInfoPosix::ComputeSupportExeDirectory uses GetLLDBPath(lldb::ePathTypeLLDBShlibDir..) ?

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This was added by me to fix this same problem. HostInfoPosix::ComputeSupportExeDirectory really wants to call HostInfoBase::ComputeSharedLibraryDirectory. I think it's more correct to move it to SupportExe because if dladdr() fails, then there should be no shared library anyway.

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