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Pass system PYTHONPATH into lit-spawned shells
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Authored by JamesNagurne on Apr 15 2020, 12:04 PM.
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Pass system PYTHONPATH into lit-spawned shells

lit generates script files and executes them via '/bin/bash <script>'.

This does not pass down environment variables unless they are explicitly
set by the test configuration.

In this example, there are a number of tests for the 'opt-viewer' utility
that require the pygments module. The check for these modules is done
during LLVM configuration (llvm/cmake/config-ix.cmake), where PYTHONPATH
is set.

Because PYTHONPATH is set in LLVM configuration, we find the pygments
module and set a cmake variable indicating that we can run the test.

Then, when we actually go to run the test, /bin/bash resets PYTHONPATH and
the test fails because it can no longer import pygments.

My proposed solution here is to pass PYTHONPATH down through lit into
spawned shells.

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