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Enable testing ASAN on AArch64

Authored by christophe.lyon on Jan 29 2015, 2:27 AM.



This patch is related to, and enables testing ASAN on AArch64.

When both patches are applied, I can see 2 failures in the testsuite:

I have tried to debug them, and I am not wondering if these tests should be skipped as on ARM, PowerPC.
As a matter of fact, I have extracted a sample program which does run when compiled with GCC, but loops & crashes when compiled with clang: maybe __builtin_longjmp is broken on AArch64 in Clang/LLVM?


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Hi Christophe,

We don't care much for longjump on ARM/AArhc64, that's why I made them fail on ARM. I think the same reasoning apply to AArch64, so I'd be in favour of setting them XFAIL on aarch64, too.

However, I'd like to see that patch land in before this one, so we don't break the bots.


Here is an update, with the offending longjmp test disabled on aarch64.

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Committed in r227966.