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[LLDB] Add utility to streamline Xcode project generation.

Authored by JDevlieghere on Jul 22 2019, 2:15 PM.



This is a follow-up to D65109 which removes the Xcode project. It seems that the script to generate the Xcode project was the most controversial, so I've split it off into a separate review.

From the original patch:

I created a new script to streamline the process: it creates two build directories in the current directory. The first directory is for LLVM and Clang which uses Ninja to build. The second directory is for LLBD, which configures a standalone build using the Xcode generator.

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Currently outstanding questions are:


Not sure why we need two different build directories? Can we just use the mono-repo style build and use "cmake -G Xcode"? Or is this just to appease the Apple build process?


This could probably be just a 10 line make file that you just make -f lldb/utils/ Not sure if you guys are a fan of this method, but we tend to find it to be much more manageable than custom python scripts.

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You can get rid of the chdir stuff by just running cmake -S$SOURCE_DIR -B$BUILD_DIR && ninja -C $BUILD_DIR.

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Can we just use the mono-repo style build and use "cmake -G Xcode"?

Yes you can, but then you have all of llvm/clang/libcxx/lldb in one project. For LLDB development that's usually not necessary. (And also, for Xcode it's a bit overwhelming.)

I've included a new script to streamline the process

It's not so much of my business and we may disagree, but I am not sure it's a good idea to add an automation layer on-top of a meta-build-system. Remember build-script.

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It's been a week and so far I haven't seen any complaints. Also I think the documentation Stefan added on look good enough that we may not need a script.