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CFL AA Tests + Minor Fix

Authored by george.burgess.iv on Sep 8 2014, 7:28 AM.



Added some functionality tests for CFL AA, and made a minor fix to CFL AA

  • CFL AA fix: We used to return PartialAlias if *either* variable being queried interacted with arguments or globals. AFAICT, we can change this to only returning PartialAlias iff *both* variables being queried interacted with arguments or globals.
  • Functionality tests: some basic IPA tests, checking that we give conservative responses with arguments/globals thrown in the mix, and ensuring that we trace values through stores and loads.

x interacted with arguments or globals = the Attributes of the StratifiedSet that x belongs to has any bits set.

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hfinkel edited edge metadata.Sep 11 2014, 11:22 PM

Why does PartialAlias have anything to do with arguments or globals? We should return PartialAlias when we know that the two pointers partially overlap.

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We now return MayAlias instead of PartialAlias if the only thing that could make variables alias is the aliasing of arguments/globals.

hfinkel added inline comments.Sep 18 2014, 2:55 PM

Can you please add some comments here explaining what is going on? It seems like this is a significant change: Previously, we would return NoAlias only if none of the bits in either AttrsA or AttrsB were set. Now we'll return NoAlias if either of AttrsA or AttrsB have no bits set. So this seems to be doing much more than changing a PartialAlias to a MayAlias in some circumstances.

Added comments as requested. I'm happy to swap the condition back if you don't agree with the change.

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Okay, thanks! LGTM.

P.S. Have you had a change to look at:

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