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Fix interference caused by fmul 2, x -> fadd x, x combine

Authored by arsenm on Jul 25 2014, 3:56 PM.



This solves 2 variants of this problem. First, change the order things are tried so that fmul (fmul x, c1) c2 -> fmul x, (fmul c1, c2) before fadd x, x.

Also add a variant of the fmul constant combine that understands fadd x, x as a multiply by 2. This is necessary because a multiply by 2 that exists originally will be transformed into the fadd by one of the early runs of DAG combiner, and not folded with new fmuls inserted during lowering.

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Add more tests I forgot to attach

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BV can only truncate integer operands, not FP ones. If you want to check that the types agree, please make it an assert.


As a general note, it looks like we don't currently preserve FastMathFlags at the SDAG level. We've fixed that for NSW/NUW, and we should probably fix that for FP ops too (obviously this is a separate issue from what you're addressing here).


Okay, but what happens next? Wouldn't we get (fmul x, (fadd c, c))?

Thanks Hal!
Committed revision 216913.

Forget my last comment... Posted in the wrong code review :-(

arsenm added inline comments.Sep 2 2014, 11:28 AM

This was already added in another patch which also used this. I can fix this separately


The fmul 2.0, c will be constant folded into 2c which is the goal

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Okay, thanks! (please do).


Okay, makes sense. ;)

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r216932 and 216928