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Add the __qdbl intrinsic to the arm_acle.h header

Authored by mroth on Jul 2 2014, 5:50 AM.



Hi all,

ACLE section 9.4.2 defines the __qdbl intrinsic:

int32_t qdbl(int32_t);
Doubles a signed 32-bit number, with saturation.
qdbl(x) is equal to __qadd(x,x) except that the argument x is evaluated only once.
Sets the Q flag if the addition saturates.

Since we already have an arm_acle.h header file with qadd implemented, it's trivial to implement this. I've also added a test that should make sure the argument is only evaluated once - this would catch e.g. if someone decided to do #define qdbl(X) __qadd(X,X) instead, which evaluates X twice. Does this look reasonable?


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Hi Moritz,

LGTM! Thanks for extending the ACLE support.



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LGTM too.


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