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[clang] Documentation fixes for LibASTMatchersTutorial

Authored by silvas on Jun 6 2016, 5:27 PM.



This patch fixes Bug 25583 as well as cleaning up some other problems in the LibASTMatchersTutorial.

I've updated the tutorial to use:

'./ —bootstrap' rather than '' in the ninja buildstep
'ninja check-llvm' and 'ninja check-clang' rather than 'ninja check' and 'ninja clang-test' respectively
Clarified that no output will be produced with the first iteration of the program (Step 1: Create a ClangTool)
Cleaned up some English usage in the section on hasCondition(binaryOperator
Fixed the problem in the original bug report:
'Context->getSourceManager().isFromMainFile(FS->getForLoc()' should be 'Context->getSourceManager().isInMainFile(FS->getForLoc()'

The only change I'm unsure about is changing:

'ninja install' to 'sudo ninja install' in the installation step. If I follow the instructions step-by-step then no special install directory is set and the default is /usr/local on OS X which requires sudo. As we've used sudo in similar circumstances above this then it makes sense to me.

This is my first contribution of any kind to Clang / LLVM (or even open source) so hope I have everything correct.



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Overall this LGTM, but let Manuel or one of the other libTooling folks sign off.


This part is a bit out of date. Ninja is pretty easy to obtain (e.g. from its releases page on github) and CMake has had Ninja support built-in for a while now.

I guess this change doesn't hurt, but (probably in a separate patch) you may want to revamp this whole section on ninja and cmake.

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