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Retrieve command line arguments and environment correctly on FreeBSD

Authored by dim on Mar 2 2016, 3:21 PM.



Recently I saw the test TestCases/Posix/ failing on
FreeBSD, with "expected string not found in input". This is because
asan could not retrieve the command line arguments properly.

In lib/sanitizer_common/, this is taken care of by
the GetArgsAndEnv() function, but it uses __libc_stack_end to get at
the required data. This variable does not exist on BSDs; the regular
way to retrieve the arguments and environment information is via the
kern.ps_strings sysctl.

I added this functionality in, as a separate #ifdef
block in GetArgsAndEnv(). Also, ReadNullSepFileToArray() becomes
unused due to this change. (It won't work on FreeBSD anyway, since
/proc is not mounted by default.)

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LGTM. Probably the Asan owner should sign-off this anyway.


Can you please add a comment explaining what this function is doing for first-readers who don't know sysctl&friends ?

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Add an explanatory comment. Also, ping. :-)

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