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Enhancing MCStreamer to support referential (rather than copy) emission of bytes and use that to reduce the memory footprint of llvm-dwp
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Authored by dblaikie on Feb 28 2016, 8:45 AM.



MCStreamer currently always copies the contents into a temporary buffer before emitting the contents of that buffer to the file. This is problematic when the input is large and already accessible elsewhere.

This change (see the separate sub-diffs/commits within it to follow along more easily) adds support for referential emission of bytes into the object file and uses that to reduce the high water mark in a large dwp run from 9.6 GB to 2.3 GB.

The implementation is totally ad-hoc/prototype code, I don't know MC terribly well enough to know much better and /totally/ looking for input on what this should look like. Should I support referential and non-referential output to the same section? Should it collapse the contents as I've implemented it, or interleave (using the old Contents buffer as a fragment buffer and represent the non-referential chunks?)? Just not support that at all and assert fail if you mix referential and non-referential output in the same section?

Any/all ideas welcome, totally happy to rewrite this in any direction now that I've demonstrated the value in the outcome.

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Oh, bother. I was hoping it would show my local commits as separately accessible/diffable changes, but it seems not.

Well, if the patch is in any way hard to follow, or you'd otherwise like to seep the smaller steps, do let me know - happy to send them as attachments, etc.

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I don't really feel like I'm familiar enough with the MC layer to give a useful review, but I can try if no one else comments... But I wanted to voice some strong support of getting this kind of functionality into the tree, as it seems really awesome.

David and I discussed a bit on IRC, but looks like it never got logged. Sorry.

So, from the discussion:

  • dwp is not really a linker (no relocations if I remember correctly)
  • dwp is not really an assembler (no relaxations)

So it seems that what needs to happen is that instead of dwp using MC,
lib/MC/ELFObjectWriter.cpp should be refactored into a small library
that bot MC and dwp can use.