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[mips] Added support for -Wa,-mips32 and similar.

Authored by s.egerton on Nov 30 2015, 2:15 AM.

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We don't quite do the right thing when we get multiple -mips* options. For -Wa,-mips64r2,-mips4 we don't undo the effect of the '-target-feature +mips64r2' when we process the -mips4. As a result, the selected target is mips64r2 whereas GAS would select mips4.

We can't fix this by adding a '-target-feature -mips64r2' since would select mips64 so we'll need to wait until we've seen all the '-Wa,' arguments before we add the -target-feature (similar to --compress-debug-sections).


There should be a mips5 case too.


There should be a mips5 case too


These two tests aren't quite right since the selected target is the maximum of the three at the moment.

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Responded to reviewers comments.

The -mips* option is now saved until all arguments have been parsed. The last -mips* option is the only one pushed back.
The tests are now updated to check that multiple -target-feature -mips* options are not present.

dsanders accepted this revision.Dec 18 2015, 3:28 AM
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With a couple small changes it will LGTM


It would be better to use a null pointer check and use nullptr instead of the empty strings in the initial and default cases.


You need to check the CHECK-NOT's on both sides of the CHECK.

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