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[tsan] Implement `IsGlobalVar` for Darwin
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Authored by ismailp on Nov 9 2015, 1:00 PM.



This is one of the oldest patches made for TSan on Darwin.
It could be wrong, and possibly missing some cases.

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IsGlobalData is used only to detect global mutexes.
We use so-called "linker initialized" mutexes as global vars so that they are not subject to initialization and exit races:
But we failed to fit an additional bit into mutex state to explicitly track such mutexes, so now tsan just conservatively assumes that all mutexes are linked-initialized.

I guess we need only SECT_DATA/SECT_COMMON as a mutex cannot be in a const section.
This can also improve performance for some programs.

Also this all must be #ifndef SANITIZER_GO. In fact, whole IsGlobalVar function is not needed for Go.

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