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[NVPTXFavorNonGenericAddrSpaces] recursively trace into GEP and BitCast

Authored by jingyue on May 27 2015, 3:01 PM.



This patch allows NVPTXFavorNonGenericAddrSpaces to remove addrspacecast
from longer chains consisting of GEPs and BitCasts. For example, it can
now optimize

%0 = addrspacecast [10 x float] addrspace(3)* @a to [10 x float]*
%1 = gep [10 x float]* %0, i64 0, i64 %i
%2 = bitcast float* %1 to i32*
%3 = load i32* %2 ; emits ld.u32


%0 = gep [10 x float] addrspace(3)* @a, i64 0, i64 %i
%1 = bitcast float addrspace(3)* %0 to i32 addrspace(3)*
%3 = load i32 addrspace(3)* %1 ; emits ld.shared.f32

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still emits ld.u32?

187 ↗(On Diff #26638)

BC's source operand could have started out as an addrspace cast, right? That is, it wasn't necessarily replaced.

222 ↗(On Diff #26638)

This doesn't need to be static.

jingyue updated this revision to Diff 26789.May 29 2015, 9:57 AM
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addressed Mark's comments

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jingyue added inline comments.May 29 2015, 10:30 AM
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Done. Carelessly copied the old comments :)

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Right. Updated this comment and another one below.

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