Create a SymbolFile plugin for cross-platform PDB access.


Create a SymbolFile plugin for cross-platform PDB access.

The existing SymbolFilePDB only works on Windows, as it is written
against a closed-source Microsoft SDK that ships with their debugging

There are several reasons we want to bypass this and go straight to the
bits of the PDB, but just to list a few:

More room for optimization. We can't see inside the implementation of
the Microsoft SDK, so we don't always know if we're doing things in the
most efficient way possible. For example, setting a breakpoint on main
of a big program currently takes several seconds. With the
implementation here, the time is unnoticeable.
We want to be able to symbolize Windows minidumps even if not on
Windows. Someone should be able to debug Windows minidumps as if they
were on Windows, given that no running process is necessary.
This patch is a very crude first attempt at filling out some of the
basic pieces.

I've implemented FindFunctions, ParseCompileUnitLineTable, and
ResolveSymbolContext for a limited subset of possible parameter values,
which is just enough to get it to display something nice for the
breakpoint location.

I've added several tests exercising this functionality which are limited
enough to work on all platforms but still exercise this functionality.
I'll try to add as many tests of this nature as I can, but at some
point we'll need a live process.

For now, this plugin is enabled always on non-Windows, and by setting
the environment variable LLDB_USE_NATIVE_PDB_READER=1 on Windows.
Eventually, once it's at parity with the Windows implementation, we'll
delete the Windows DIA-based implementation.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D53002