[Regalloc] Generate and store multiple regalloc hints.


[Regalloc] Generate and store multiple regalloc hints.

MachineRegisterInfo used to allow just one regalloc hint per virtual
register. This patch extends this to a vector of regalloc hints, which is
filled in by common code with sorted copy hints. Such hints will make for
more ID copies that can be removed.

NB! This improvement is currently (and hopefully temporarily) *disabled* by
default, except for SystemZ. The only reason for this is the big impact this
has on tests, which has unfortunately proven unmanageable. It was a long
while since all the tests were updated and just waiting for review (which
didn't happen), but now targets have to enable this themselves
instead. Several targets could get a head-start by downloading the tests
updates from the Phabricator review. Thanks to those who helped, and sorry
you now have to do this step yourselves.

This should be an improvement generally for any target!

The target may still create its own hint, in which case this has highest
priority and is stored first in the vector. If it has target-type, it will
not be recomputed, as per the previous behaviour.

The temporary hook enableMultipleCopyHints() will be removed as soon as all
targets return true.

Review: Quentin Colombet, Ulrich Weigand.


jonpaDec 5 2017, 2:52 AM
rL319753: [clangd] Set completion options per-request.