Teach TargetInstrInfo::getInlineAsmLength to parse .space directives with…


Teach TargetInstrInfo::getInlineAsmLength to parse .space directives with integer arguments

It's currently quite difficult to test passes like branch relaxation, which
requires branches with large displacement to be generated. The .space assembler
directive makes it easy to create arbitrarily large basic blocks, but
getInlineAsmLength is not able to parse it and so the size of the block is not
correctly estimated. Other backends (AArch64, AMDGPU) introduce options just
for testing that artificially restrict the ranges of branch instructions (e.g.
aarch64-tbz-offset-bits). Although parsing a single form of the .space
directive feels inelegant, it does allow a more direct testing approach.

This patch adapts the .space parsing code from
Mips16InstrInfo::getInlineAsmLength and removes it now the extra functionality
is provided by the base implementation. I want to move this functionality to
the generic getInlineAsmLength as 1) I need the same for RISC-V, and 2) I feel
other backends will benefit from more direct testing of large branch

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D37798