[ValueTracking] Introduce a version of computeKnownBits that returns a…


[ValueTracking] Introduce a version of computeKnownBits that returns a KnownBits struct. Begin using it to replace internal usages of ComputeSignBit

This introduces a new interface for computeKnownBits that returns the KnownBits object instead of requiring it to be pre-constructed and passed in by reference.

This is a much more convenient interface as it doesn't require the caller to figure out the BitWidth to pre-construct the object. It's so convenient that I believe we can use this interface to remove the special ComputeSignBit flavor of computeKnownBits.

As a step towards that idea, this patch replaces all of the internal usages of ComputeSignBit with this new interface. As you can see from the patch there were a couple places where we called ComputeSignBit which really called computeKnownBits, and then called computeKnownBits again directly. I've reduced those places to only making one call to computeKnownBits. I bet there are probably external users that do it too.

A future patch will update the external users and remove the ComputeSignBit interface. I'll also working on moving more locations to the KnownBits returning interface for computeKnownBits.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D32848