[PM] Teach the CGSCC's CG update utility to more carefully invalidate


[PM] Teach the CGSCC's CG update utility to more carefully invalidate
analyses when we're about to break apart an SCC.

We can't wait until after breaking apart the SCC to invalidate things:

  1. Which SCC do we then invalidate? All of them?
  2. Even if we invalidate all of them, a newly created SCC may not have a proxy that will convey the invalidation to functions!

Previously we only invalidated one of the SCCs and too late. This led to
stale analyses remaining in the cache. And because the caching strategy
actually works, they would get used and chaos would ensue.

Doing invalidation early is somewhat pessimizing though if we *know*
that the SCC structure won't change. So it turns out that the design to
make the mutation API force the caller to know the *kind* of mutation in
advance was indeed 100% correct and we didn't do enough of it. So this
change also splits two cases of switching a call edge to a ref edge into
two separate APIs so that callers can clearly test for this and take the
easy path without invalidating when appropriate. This is particularly
important in this case as we expect most inlines to be between functions
in separate SCCs and so the common case is that we don't have to so
aggressively invalidate analyses.

The LCG API change in turn needed some basic cleanups and better testing
in its unittest. No interesting functionality changed there other than
more coverage of the returned sequence of SCCs.

While this seems like an obvious improvement over the current state, I'd
like to revisit the core concept of invalidating within the CG-update
layer at all. I'm wondering if we would be better served forcing the
callers to handle the invalidation beforehand in the cases that they
can handle it. An interesting example is when we want to teach the
inliner to *update and preserve* analyses. But we can cross that bridge
when we get there.

With this patch, the new pass manager an build all of the LLVM test
suite at -O3 and everything passes. =D I haven't bootstrapped yet and
I'm sure there are still plenty of bugs, but this gives a nice baseline
so I'm going to increasingly focus on fleshing out the missing
functionality, especially the bits that are just turned off right now in
order to let us establish this baseline.


chandlercDec 28 2016, 2:34 AM
rL290663: This is a large patch for X86 AVX-512 of an optimization for reducing code sizeā€¦