Use PIC relocation model as default for PowerPC64 ELF.


Use PIC relocation model as default for PowerPC64 ELF.

Most of the PowerPC64 code generation for the ELF ABI is already PIC.
There are four main exceptions:
(1) Constant pointer arrays etc. should in writeable sections.
(2) The TOC restoration NOP after a call is needed for all global
symbols. While GNU ld has a workaround for questionable GCC self-calls,
we trigger the checks for calls from COMDAT sections as they cross input
sections and are therefore not considered self-calls. The current
decision is questionable and suboptimal, but outside the scope of the
(3) TLS access can not use the initial-exec model.
(4) Jump tables should use relative addresses. Note that the current
encoding doesn't work for the large code model, but it is more compact
than the default for any non-trivial jump table. Improving this is again
beyond the scope of this change.

At least (1) and (3) are assumptions made in target-independent code and
introducing additional hooks is a bit messy. Testing with clang shows
that a -fPIC binary is 600KB smaller than the corresponding -fno-pic
build. Separate testing from improved jump table encodings would explain
only about 100KB or so. The rest is expected to be a result of more
aggressive immediate forming for -fno-pic, where the -fPIC binary just
uses TOC entries.

This change brings the LLVM output in line with the GCC output, other
PPC64 compilers like XLC on AIX are known to produce PIC by default
as well. The relocation model can still be provided explicitly, i.e.
when using MCJIT.

One test case for case (1) is included, other test cases with relocation
mode sensitive behavior are wired to static for now. They will be
reviewed and adjusted separately.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D26566