[SystemZ] Improve use of conditional instructions


[SystemZ] Improve use of conditional instructions

This patch moves formation of LOC-type instructions from (late)
IfConversion to the early if-conversion pass, and in some cases
additionally creates them directly from select instructions
during DAG instruction selection.

To make early if-conversion work, the patch implements the
canInsertSelect / insertSelect callbacks. It also implements
the commuteInstructionImpl and FoldImmediate callbacks to
enable generation of the full range of LOC instructions.

Finally, the patch adds support for all instructions of the
load-store-on-condition-2 facility, which allows using LOC
instructions also for high registers.

Due to the use of the GRX32 register class to enable high registers,
we now also have to handle the cases where there are still no single
hardware instructions (conditional move from a low register to a high
register or vice versa). These are converted back to a branch sequence
after register allocation. Since the expandRAPseudos callback is not
allowed to create new basic blocks, this requires a simple new pass,
modelled after the ARM/AArch64 ExpandPseudos pass.

Overall, this patch causes significantly more LOC-type instructions
to be used, and results in a measurable performance improvement.


uweigandNov 28 2016, 5:34 AM
rL288027: skip android in @skipIfHostIncompatibleWithRemote