add stop column highlighting support


add stop column highlighting support

This change introduces optional marking of the column within a source
line where a thread is stopped. This marking will show up when the
source code for a thread stop is displayed, when the debug info
knows the column information, and if the optional column marking is

There are two separate methods for handling the marking of the stop

  • via ANSI terminal codes, which are added inline to the source line display. The default ANSI mark-up is to underline the column.
  • via a pure text-based caret that is added in the appropriate column in a newly-inserted blank line underneath the source line in question.

There are some new options that control how this all works.

  • settings set stop-show-column

    This takes one of 4 values:
    • ansi-or-caret: use the ANSI terminal code mechanism if LLDB is running with color enabled; if not, use the caret-based, pure text method (see the "caret" mode below).
    • ansi: only use the ANSI terminal code mechanism to highlight the stop line. If LLDB is running with color disabled, no stop column marking will occur.
    • caret: only use the pure text caret method, which introduces a newly-inserted line underneath the current line, where the only character in the new line is a caret that highlights the stop column in question.
    • none: no stop column marking will be attempted.
  • settings set stop-show-column-ansi-prefix

    This is a text format that indicates the ANSI formatting code to insert into the stream immediately preceding the column where the stop column character will be marked up. It defaults to ${ansi.underline}; however, it can contain any valid LLDB format codes, e.g.

  • settings set stop-show-column-ansi-suffix

    This is the text format that specifies the ANSI terminal codes to end the markup that was started with the prefix described above. It defaults to: ${ansi.normal}. This should be sufficient for the common cases.

Significant leg-work was done by Adrian Prantl. (Thanks, Adrian!)

differential review: https://reviews.llvm.org/D20835

reviewers: clayborg, jingham


tfialaSep 21 2016, 1:13 PM
rL282104: Next set of additional error checks for invalid Mach-O files for bad LC_UUID