[MemorySSA] Update to the new shiny walker.


[MemorySSA] Update to the new shiny walker.

This patch updates MemorySSA's use-optimizing walker to be more
accurate and, in some cases, faster.

Essentially, this changed our core walking algorithm from a
cache-as-you-go DFS to an iteratively expanded DFS, with all of the
caching happening at the end. Said expansion happens when we hit a Phi,
P; we'll try to do the smallest amount of work possible to see if
optimizing above that Phi is legal in the first place. If so, we'll
expand the search to see if we can optimize to the next phi, etc.

An iteratively expanded DFS lets us potentially quit earlier (because we
don't assume that we can optimize above all phis) than our old walker.
Additionally, because we don't cache as we go, we can now optimize above

As an added bonus, this patch adds a ton of verification (if
EXPENSIVE_CHECKS are enabled), so finding bugs is easier.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D21777