Bitcode: Try to emit metadata in function blocks


Bitcode: Try to emit metadata in function blocks

Whenever metadata is only referenced by a single function, emit the
metadata just in that function block. This should improve lazy-loading
by reducing the amount of metadata in the global block.

For now, this should catch all DILocations, and anything else that
happens to be referenced only by a single function.

It's also a first step toward a couple of possible future directions
(which this commit does *not* implement):

  1. Some debug info metadata is only referenced from compile units and individual functions. If we can drop the link from the compile unit, this optimization will get more powerful.
  2. Any uniqued metadata that isn't referenced globally can in theory be emitted in every function block that references it (trading off bitcode size and full-parse time vs. lazy-load time).

Note: this assumes the new BitcodeReader error checking from r265223.
The metadata stored in function blocks gets purged after parsing each
function, which means unresolved forward references will get lost.
Since all the global metadata should have already been resolved by the
time we get to the function metadata blocks we just need to check for
that case. (If for some reason we need to handle bitcode that fails the
checks in r265223, the fix is to store about-to-be-dropped unresolved
nodes in MetadataList::shrinkTo until they can be handled succesfully by
a future call to MetadataList::tryToResolveCycles.)


dexonsmithApr 2 2016, 8:22 AM
rL265225: Fix doxygen comments from r265224, NFC