[PM] Port the PostOrderFunctionAttrs pass to the new pass manager and


[PM] Port the PostOrderFunctionAttrs pass to the new pass manager and
convert one test to use this.

This is a particularly significant milestone because it required
a working per-function AA framework which can be queried over each
function from within a CGSCC transform pass (and additionally a module
analysis to be accessible). This is essentially *the* point of the
entire pass manager rewrite. A CGSCC transform is able to query for
multiple different function's analysis results. It works. The whole
thing appears to actually work and accomplish the original goal. While
we were able to hack function attrs and basic-aa to "work" in the old
pass manager, this port doesn't use any of that, it directly leverages
the new fundamental functionality.

For this to work, the CGSCC framework also has to support SCC-based
behavior analysis, etc. The only part of the CGSCC pass infrastructure
not sorted out at this point are the updates in the face of inlining and
running function passes that mutate the call graph.

The changes are pretty boring and boiler-plate. Most of the work was
factored into more focused preperatory patches. But this is what wires
it all together.


chandlercFeb 18 2016, 3:03 AM
rL261202: [Renderscript] Refactor .rs.info parser.

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davidxl added inline comments.

Can the SCCNodes collection code be refactored and shared with Legacy impl?


Is this a functional change? I don't see this code in the old implementation.

Can you send post-commit review to the list as a reply to the commit mail?
(Happy to respond there)