ELF: Improve performance of string table construction.
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ELF: Improve performance of string table construction.

String tables in unstripped executable files are fairly large in size.
For example, lld's executable file is about 34.4 MB in my environment,
and of which 3.5 MB is the string table. Efficiency of string table
construction matters.

Previously, the string table was built in an inefficient way. We used
StringTableBuilder to build that and enabled string tail merging,
although tail merging is not effective for the symbol table (you can
only make the string table 0.3% smaller for lld.) Tail merging is
computation intensive task and slow.

This patch eliminates string tail merging.

I changed the way of adding strings to the string table in this patch
too. Previously, strings were added using add() and the same strings
were then passed to getOffset() to get their offsets in the string table.
In this way, getOffset() needs to look up a hash table to get offsets
for given strings. This is a violation of "we look up the symbol table
(or a hash table) only once for each symbol" dogma of the new LLD's
design. Hash table lookup for long C++ mangled names is slow.
I eliminated that lookup in this patch.

In total, this patch improves link time of lld itself about 12%
(3.50 seconds -> 3.08 seconds.)


ruiuJan 6 2016, 6:35 PM
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