[PowerPC] Add an MI SSA peephole pass.


[PowerPC] Add an MI SSA peephole pass.

This patch adds a pass for doing PowerPC peephole optimizations at the
MI level while the code is still in SSA form. This allows for easy
modifications to the instructions while depending on a subsequent pass
of DCE. Both passes are very fast due to the characteristics of SSA.

At this time, the only peepholes added are for cleaning up various
redundancies involving the XXPERMDI instruction. However, I would
expect this will be a useful place to add more peepholes for
inefficiencies generated during instruction selection. The pass is
placed after VSX swap optimization, as it is best to let that pass
remove unnecessary swaps before performing any remaining clean-ups.

The utility of these clean-ups are demonstrated by changes to four
existing test cases, all of which now have tighter expected code
generation. I've also added Eric Schweiz's bugpoint-reduced test from
PR25157, for which we now generate tight code. One other test started
failing for me, and I've fixed it
(test/Transforms/PlaceSafepoints/finite-loops.ll) as well; this is not
related to my changes, and I'm not sure why it works before and not
after. The problem is that the CHECK-NOT: of "statepoint" from test1
fails because of the "statepoint" in test2, and so forth. Adding a
CHECK-LABEL in between keeps the different occurrences of that string
properly scoped.


wschmidtNov 10 2015, 1:38 PM
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