ARM/ELF: Better codegen for global variable addresses.
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ARM/ELF: Better codegen for global variable addresses.

In PIC mode we were previously computing global variable addresses (or GOT
entry addresses) by adding the PC, the PC-relative GOT displacement and
the GOT-relative symbol/GOT entry displacement. Because the latter two
displacements are fixed, we ended up performing one more addition than

This change causes us to compute addresses using a single PC-relative
displacement, resulting in a shorter code sequence. This reduces code size
by about 4% in a recent build of Chromium for Android.

As a result of this change we no longer need to compute the GOT base address
in the ARM backend, which allows us to remove the Global Base Reg pass and
SDAG lowering for the GOT.

We also now no longer use the GOT when addressing a symbol which is known
to be defined in the same linkage unit. Specifically, the symbol must have
either hidden visibility or a strong definition in the current module in
order to not use the the GOT.

This is a change from the previous behaviour where we would use the GOT to
address externally visible symbols defined in the same module. I think the
only cases where this could matter are cases involving symbol interposition,
but we don't really support that well anyway.

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D13650


pccOct 26 2015, 11:23 AM
Differential Revision
D13650: ARM/ELF: Better codegen for global variable addresses.
rL251321: [compiler-rt] Enable ptrace sanitizer for arm