Introduce target hook for optimizing register copies


Introduce target hook for optimizing register copies

Allow a target to do something other than search for copies
that will avoid cross register bank copies.

Implement for SI by only rewriting the most basic copies,
so it should look through anything like a subregister extract.

I'm not entirely satisified with this because it seems like
eliminating a reg_sequence that isn't fully used should work
generically for all targets without them having to override
something. However, it seems to be tricky to have a simple
implementation of this without rewriting to invalid kinds
of subregister copies on some targets.

I'm not sure if there is currently a generic way to easily check
if a subregister index would be valid for the current use.
The current set of TargetRegisterInfo::get*Class functions don't
quite behave like I would expect (e.g. getSubClassWithSubReg
returns the maximal register class rather than the minimal), so
I'm not sure how to make the generic test keep searching if
SrcRC:SrcSubReg is a valid replacement for DefRC:DefSubReg. Making
the default implementation to check for simple copies breaks
a variety of ARM and x86 tests by producing illegal subregister uses.

The ARM tests are not actually changed since it should still be using
the same sharesSameRegisterFile implementation, this just relaxes
them to not check for specific registers.


arsenmSep 24 2015, 1:36 AM
rL248477: Add initial LNT developer guide.