[SystemZ] Add support for z13 and its vector facility


[SystemZ] Add support for z13 and its vector facility

This patch adds support for the z13 architecture type. For compatibility
with GCC, a pair of options -mvx / -mno-vx can be used to selectively
enable/disable use of the vector facility.

When the vector facility is present, we default to the new vector ABI.
This is characterized by two major differences:

  • Vector types are passed/returned in vector registers (except for unnamed arguments of a variable-argument list function).
  • Vector types are at most 8-byte aligned.

The reason for the choice of 8-byte vector alignment is that the hardware
is able to efficiently load vectors at 8-byte alignment, and the ABI only
guarantees 8-byte alignment of the stack pointer, so requiring any higher
alignment for vectors would require dynamic stack re-alignment code.

However, for compatibility with old code that may use vector types, when
*not* using the vector facility, the old alignment rules (vector types
are naturally aligned) remain in use.

These alignment rules are not only implemented at the C language level,
but also at the LLVM IR level. This is done by selecting a different
DataLayout string depending on whether the vector ABI is in effect or not.

Based on a patch by Richard Sandiford.


uweigandMay 5 2015, 12:35 PM
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