[OPENMP] Initial codegen for 'omp task' directive.


[OPENMP] Initial codegen for 'omp task' directive.
The task region is emmitted in several steps:

Emit a call to kmp_task_t *__kmpc_omp_task_alloc(ident_t *, kmp_int32 gtid, kmp_int32 flags, size_t sizeof_kmp_task_t, size_t sizeof_shareds, kmp_routine_entry_t *task_entry).
Here task_entry is a pointer to the function:
kmp_int32 .omp_task_entry.(kmp_int32 gtid, kmp_task_t *tt) {

TaskFunction(gtid, tt->part_id, tt->shareds);
  return 0;

Copy a list of shared variables to field shareds of the resulting structure kmp_task_t returned by the previous call (if any).
Copy a pointer to destructions function to field destructions of the resulting structure kmp_task_t.
Emit a call to kmp_int32 __kmpc_omp_task(ident_t *, kmp_int32 gtid, kmp_task_t *new_task), where new_task is a resulting structure from previous items.
Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D7560