Clarify the description of the noalias attribute


Clarify the description of the noalias attribute

The previous description of the noalias attribute did not accurately specify
the implemented semantics, and the terminology used differed unnecessarily
from that used by the C specification to define the semantics of restrict. For
the argument attribute, the semantics can be precisely specified in terms of
objects accessed through pointers based on the arguments, and this is now what
is done.

Saying that the semantics are 'slightly weaker' than that provided by C99
restrict is not really useful without further elaboration, so that has been
removed from the sentence.

noalias on a return value is really used to mean that the function is
malloc-like (and, in fact, we use this attribute to represent
attribute((malloc)) in Clang), and this is a stronger guarantee than that
provided by restrict (because it is a property of the pointed-to memory region,
not just a guarantee on object access). Clarifying this is relevant to fixing
(and was motivated by the discussion on) PR21556.


hfinkelNov 20 2014, 6:22 PM
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