First stage of call lowering for Mips fast-isel


First stage of call lowering for Mips fast-isel

This has most of what is needed for mips fast-isel call lowering for O32.
What is missing I will add on the next patch because this patch is already too large.
It should not be doing anything wrong but it will punt on some cases that it is basically
capable of doing.

The mechanism is there for parameters to be passed on the stack but I have not enabled it because it serves as a way for now to prevent some of the strange cases of O32 register passing that I have not fully checked yet and have some issues.

The Mips O32 abi rules are very complicated as far how data is passed in floating and integer registers.

However there is a way to think about this all very simply and this implementation reflects that.

Basically, the ABI rules are written as if everything is passed on the stack and aligned as such.
Once that is conceptually done, it is nearly trivial to reassign those locations to registers and
then all the complexity disappears.

So I have told tablegen that all the data is passed on the stack and during the lowering I fix
this by assigning to registers as per the ABI doc.

This has been my approach and you can line up what I did with the ABI document and see 1 to 1 what
is going on.

Test Plan: callabi.ll

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Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D5714


rkotlerNov 13 2014, 3:37 PM
Differential Revision
D5714: First stage of call lowering for Mips fast-isel
rL221947: Fix symbol resolution of floating point libc builtins in MCJIT

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