[mips] Promote i32 arguments to i64 for the N32/N64 ABI and fix <64-bit structs.


[mips] Promote i32 arguments to i64 for the N32/N64 ABI and fix <64-bit structs...

... and after all that refactoring, it's possible to distinguish softfloat
floating point values from integers so this patch no longer breaks softfloat to
do it.

Remove direct handling of i32's in the N32/N64 ABI by promoting them to
i64. This more closely reflects the ABI documentation and also fixes
problems with stack arguments on big-endian targets.

We now rely on signext/zeroext annotations (already generated by clang) and
the Assert[SZ]ext nodes to avoid the introduction of unnecessary sign/zero

It was not possible to convert three tests to use signext/zeroext. These tests
are bswap.ll, ctlz-v.ll, ctlz-v.ll. It's not possible to put signext on a
vector type so we just accept the sign extends here for now. These tests don't
pass the vectors the same way clang does (clang puts multiple elements in the
same argument, these map 1 element to 1 argument) so we don't need to worry too
much about it.

With this patch, all known N32/N64 bugs should be fixed and we now pass the
first 10,000 tests generated by ABITest.py.

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Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D6117


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