Add some optional passes around the vectorizer to both better prepare


Add some optional passes around the vectorizer to both better prepare
the IR going into it and to clean up the IR produced by the vectorizers.

Note that these are *off by default* right now while folks collect data
on whether the performance tradeoff is reasonable.

In a build of the 'opt' binary, I see about 2% compile time regression
due to this change on average. This is in my mind essentially the worst
expected case: very little of the opt binary is going to *benefit* from
these extra passes.

I've seen several benchmarks improve in performance my small amounts due
to running these passes, and there are certain (rare) cases where these
passes make a huge difference by either enabling the vectorizer at all
or by hoisting runtime checks out of the outer loop. My primary
motivation is to prevent people from seeing runtime check overhead in
benchmarks where the existing passes and optimizers would be able to
eliminate that.

I've chosen the sequence of passes based on the kinds of things that
seem likely to be relevant for the code at each stage: rotaing loops for
the vectorizer, finding correlated values, loop invariants, and
unswitching opportunities from any runtime checks, and cleaning up
commonalities exposed by the SLP vectorizer.

I'll be pinging existing threads where some of these issues have come up
and will start new threads to get folks to benchmark and collect data on
whether this is the right tradeoff or we should do something else.


chandlercOct 13 2014, 5:31 PM
rL219643: Introduce LLVMWriteBitcodeToMemoryBuffer C API function.

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Maybe some passes are “free” in terms of compile time and could be enabled? Now with llvm compile time tracker, it should be easy to find “cheap/expensive passes”.