[Power] Improve the expansion of atomic loads/stores


[Power] Improve the expansion of atomic loads/stores

Atomic loads and store of up to the native size (32 bits, or 64 for PPC64)
can be lowered to a simple load or store instruction (as the synchronization
is already handled by AtomicExpand, and the atomicity is guaranteed thanks to
the alignment requirements of atomic accesses). This is exactly what this patch
does. Previously, these were implemented by complex
load-linked/store-conditional loops.. an obvious performance problem.

For example, this patch turns

define void @store_i8_unordered(i8* %mem) {
  store atomic i8 42, i8* %mem unordered, align 1
  ret void


_store_i8_unordered:                    ; @store_i8_unordered
; BB#0:
    rlwinm r2, r3, 3, 27, 28
    li r4, 42
    xori r5, r2, 24
    rlwinm r2, r3, 0, 0, 29
    li r3, 255
    slw r4, r4, r5
    slw r3, r3, r5
    and r4, r4, r3
LBB4_1:                                 ; =>This Inner Loop Header: Depth=1
    lwarx r5, 0, r2
    andc r5, r5, r3
    or r5, r4, r5
    stwcx. r5, 0, r2
    bne cr0, LBB4_1
; BB#2:


_store_i8_unordered:                    ; @store_i8_unordered
; BB#0:
    li r2, 42
    stb r2, 0(r3)

which looks like a pretty clear win to me.

Test Plan:
fixed the tests + new test for indexed accesses + make check-all

Reviewers: jfb, wschmidt, hfinkel

Subscribers: llvm-commits

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D5587


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