[CostModel] remove cost-kind predicate for intrinsics in basic TTI…

Authored by spatel on Tue, Nov 10, 5:11 AM.


[CostModel] remove cost-kind predicate for intrinsics in basic TTI implementation

This is the last step in removing cost-kind as a consideration in the basic class model for intrinsics.
See D89461 for the start of that.
Subsequent commits dealt with each of the special-case intrinsics that had customization here in the
basic class. This should remove a barrier to retrying
D87188 (canonicalization to the abs intrinsic).

The ARM and x86 cost diffs seen here may be wrong because the target-specific overrides have their own
bugs, but we hope this is less wrong - if something has a significant throughput cost, then it should
have a significant size / blended cost too by default.

The only behavioral diff in current regression tests is shown in the x86 scatter-gather test (which is
misplaced or broken because it runs the entire -O3 pipeline) - we unrolled less, and we assume that is
a improvement.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D90554