[CodeGenModule] Drop dso_local on function declarations for ELF -fno-pic -fno…

Authored by MaskRay on Sat, Jan 9, 4:31 PM.


[CodeGenModule] Drop dso_local on function declarations for ELF -fno-pic -fno-direct-access-external-data

ELF -fno-pic sets dso_local on a function declaration to allow direct accesses
when taking its address (similar to a data symbol). The emitted code follows the
traditional GCC/Clang -fno-pic behavior: an absolute relocation is produced.

If the function is not defined in the executable, a canonical PLT entry will be
needed at link time. This is similar to a copy relocation and is incompatible
with (-Bsymbolic or --dynamic-list linked shared objects / protected symbols in
a shared object).

This patch gives -fno-pic code a way to avoid such a canonical PLT entry.

The FIXME was about a generalization for -fpie -mpie-copy-relocations (now -fpie
-fdirect-access-external-data). While we could set dso_local to avoid GOT when
taking the address of a function declaration (there is an ignorable difference
about R_386_PC32 vs R_386_PLT32 on i386), it likely does not provide any benefit
and can just cause trouble, so we don't make the generalization.


MaskRaySat, Jan 9, 4:31 PM
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