[clang-tidy] New check to warn when storing dispatch_once_t in non-static, non…

Authored by stephanemoore on Sep 26 2019, 4:04 PM.


[clang-tidy] New check to warn when storing dispatch_once_t in non-static, non-global storage

Creates a new darwin ClangTidy module and adds the darwin-dispatch-once-nonstatic check that warns about dispatch_once_t variables not in static or global storage. This catches a missing static for local variables in e.g. singleton initialization behavior, and also warns on storing dispatch_once_t values in Objective-C instance variables. C/C++ struct/class instances may potentially live in static/global storage, and are ignored for this check.

The osx.API static analysis checker can find the non-static storage use of dispatch_once_t; I thought it useful to also catch this issue in clang-tidy when possible.

Contributed By: mwyman

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