[clang] Update isDerivedFrom to support Objective-C classes 🔍

Authored by stephanemoore on Aug 12 2019, 4:23 PM.


[clang] Update isDerivedFrom to support Objective-C classes 🔍

This change updates isDerivedFrom to support Objective-C classes by
converting it to a polymorphic matcher.

The matching behavior for Objective-C classes is modeled to match the
behavior of isDerivedFrom with C++ classes. To that effect,
isDerivedFrom matches aliased types of derived Objective-C classes,
including compatibility aliases. To achieve this, the AST visitor has
been updated to map compatibility aliases to their underlying
Objective-C class.

isSameOrDerivedFrom also provides similar behaviors for C++ and
Objective-C classes. The behavior that
cxxRecordDecl(isSameOrDerivedFrom("X")) does not match
class Y {}; typedef Y X; is mirrored for Objective-C in that
objcInterfaceDecl(isSameOrDerivedFrom("X")) does not match either
@interface Y @end typedef Y X; or
@interface Y @end @compatibility_alias X Y;.

Test Notes:
Ran clang unit tests.

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