[X86] Default to -x86-pad-for-align=false to drop assembler difference with or…

Authored by MaskRay on Jan 16 2021, 4:39 PM.


[X86] Default to -x86-pad-for-align=false to drop assembler difference with or w/o -g

Fix PR48742: the D75203 assembler optimization locates MCRelaxableFragment's
within two MCSymbol's and relaxes some MCRelaxableFragment's to reduce the size
of a MCAlignFragment. A -g build has more MCSymbol's and therefore may have
different assembler output (e.g. a MCRelaxableFragment (jmp) may have 5 bytes
with -O1 while 2 bytes with -O1 -g).

.p2align 4, 0x90 is common due to loops. For a larger program, with a
lot of temporary labels, the assembly output difference is somewhat
destined. The cost seems to overweigh the benefits so we default to
-x86-pad-for-align=false until the heuristic is improved.

Reviewed By: skan

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D94542