Allow "callbr" to return non-void values

Authored by void on Feb 24 2020, 6:28 PM.


Allow "callbr" to return non-void values

Terminators in LLVM aren't prohibited from returning values. This means that
the "callbr" instruction, which is used for "asm goto", can support "asm goto
with outputs."

This patch removes all restrictions against "callbr" returning values. The
heavy lifting is done by the code generator. The "INLINEASM_BR" instruction's
a terminator, and the code generator doesn't allow non-terminator instructions
after a terminator. In order to correctly model the feature, we need to copy
outputs from "INLINEASM_BR" into virtual registers. Of course, those copies
aren't terminators.

To get around this issue, we split the block containing the "INLINEASM_BR"
right before the "COPY" instructions. This results in two cheats:

  • Any physical registers defined by "INLINEASM_BR" need to be marked as live-in into the block with the "COPY" instructions. This violates an assumption that physical registers aren't marked as "live-in" until after register allocation. But it seems as if the live-in information only needs to be correct after register allocation. So we're able to get away with this.
  • The indirect branches from the "INLINEASM_BR" are moved to the "COPY" block. This is to satisfy PHI nodes.

I've been told that MLIR can support this handily, but until we're able to
use it, we'll have to stick with the above.

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