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friedgold (Richard Osborne)
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Jan 29 2014, 9:45 AM (416 w, 5 d)

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Jul 21 2016

friedgold committed rL276321: Transfer ownership of the XCore backend..
Transfer ownership of the XCore backend.
Jul 21 2016, 12:28 PM

May 5 2016

friedgold accepted D19632: [scan-build] fix logic error warnings emitted on llvm code base.

Thanks for making the update, XCore changes look good to me.

May 5 2016, 2:16 PM

May 15 2015

friedgold accepted D8921: [xcore] Only support the 'm' inline assembly memory constraint. NFC..

Sorry, I missed this first try around. Change looks good to me.

May 15 2015, 4:40 AM

Aug 28 2014

friedgold requested changes to D4753: XCore target: symbols in the .cp.rodata section must be 4 byte aligned.

I think this should set the align to the maximum of the decl alignment and 4 so that, for example, if the user requests a minimum alignment using the aligned attribute it will be respected.

Aug 28 2014, 3:59 AM

Jul 25 2014

friedgold accepted D4621: Xcore target: Fix CXXStdlibIncludeArgs to check 'nostdinc++' flag too..


Jul 25 2014, 3:30 AM

Jun 30 2014

friedgold accepted D4122: XCore target: remove incorrect DebugLoc entries from prologue.


Jun 30 2014, 3:05 AM

May 30 2014

friedgold accepted D3949: XCore target: Fix 'typestring' binding qualifier to the array and not the type.


May 30 2014, 5:56 AM

May 19 2014

friedgold accepted D3719: XCore target: sort typestring enum fields alphabetically .


May 19 2014, 7:36 AM

May 1 2014

friedgold accepted D3538: XCore target: fix handling of -g0 flag.


May 1 2014, 3:40 AM
friedgold accepted D2929: XCore target: Add TypeString meta data to IR output..


May 1 2014, 3:39 AM

Apr 25 2014

friedgold accepted D3450: XCore target: fix bug in dereferencing null pointer..


Apr 25 2014, 9:55 AM
friedgold added inline comments to D2929: XCore target: Add TypeString meta data to IR output..
Apr 25 2014, 9:43 AM