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[clang-tidy] add concurrency-async-fs
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Authored by segoon on Wed, Jan 13, 11:07 AM.



Search for filesystem accesses that might block current system thread.

The check tries to find all fs-related types/functions from the
following list:

  • C++ std
  • Linux syscalls
  • Boost.Filesystem, Boost.Nowide

Custom functions and types can be added via options.

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Is this just flagging all these functions, if so I don't think there's much value in here.

njames93, the purpose is to flag it indeed. This approach was found valueable in Yandex.Taxi, as it is very easy to forget that you're in a coroutine and may not use blocking API. The bug does affect performance (e.g. all coroutine threads wait for fs), it cannot be found by functional tests (as it is not a functional invariant violation) and may be rather tricky to debug (as the performance harm depends on many things like IO limits, page cache size, current load, etc.). It can be caught during code review, but it suffers from human errors. Rather than playing catch-me-if-you-can games, the check can be automated. As C/C++ standard libraries contain quite many blocking functions and C++20 gains official coroutine support, I find it valuable for the C++ community to have an already compiled list of such blocking functions and the check that uses it.

Eugene.Zelenko added inline comments.

Please make first statement same as in Release Notes.


Please highlight aio and io_uring with single back-ticks.


Please highlight tmpfs with single back-ticks.


Please add information about default value. Same below.

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  • fix the first document line
  • add default values

Eugene.Zelenko, thanks for the review! fixed

Eugene.Zelenko, njames93, any comments on the patch?