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[libcxx] Add targets to available features.
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Authored by danielkiss on Mon, Sep 21, 8:43 AM.


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This patch add the target-* (x86_64-*) as used elsewhere in llvm.

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danielkiss created this revision.Mon, Sep 21, 8:43 AM
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danielkiss requested review of this revision.Mon, Sep 21, 8:43 AM

some test never runs due to these features are missing. I realised this when tried to run this one:

ldionne requested changes to this revision.Thu, Oct 1, 5:40 AM
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None of these features are used anywhere in the tests as far as I can find. Why add them?


Not used in the tests, I would prefer we don't add features just for the sake of having them.


I think it only makes sense to add those, and the reason is that Lit doesn't allow matching partial triples. We already add the full target triple as a Lit feature, and I think it would be nicer to be able to say something like // REQUIRES: x86_64-linux-* instead of having to add these features. But Lit doesn't do that, so let's add them.

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The system-* and native are used in clang and lldb only, so dropped.
I only added them for consistency across llvm components.