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Added Connection::GetURI()

Authored by vharron on Jan 16 2015, 5:02 PM.



This function returns a URI of the resource that the connection is connected to. This is especially important for connections established by accepting a connection from a remote host.

Also added implementations for ConnectionMachPort, ConnectionSharedMemory,
Also fixed up some documentation in Connection::Write
Renamed ConnectionFileDescriptorPosix::SocketListen to ConnectionFileDescriptorPosix::SocketListenAndAccept
Fixed a log message in Socket.cpp

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We can avoid using snprintf and having to try and guess buffer sizes by using StreamString:

so this:

char uri[280]; // sizeof(uri) > strlen("connect://") + 255 + strlen(1) + strlen("65535") + 1
snprintf(uri, sizeof(uri), "connect://%s:%u",socket->GetRemoteIPAddress().c_str(), socket->GetRemotePortNumber());


StreamString strm;
strm.Printf("connect://%s:%u",socket->GetRemoteIPAddress().c_str(), socket->GetRemotePortNumber());

Fix that and you are good to go.

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Updated based on comments and submitted

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This is still using snprintf(). Can we switch over to using StringStream?