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New RenderScript command to break on all kernels

Authored by EwanCrawford on Sep 9 2015, 7:18 AM.



Patch adds a command to RenderScript plugin allowing users to automatically set breakpoints on every RS kernel.

Command syntax is 'language renderscript kernel breakpoint all <enable/disable>.'
Enable sets breakpoints on all currently loaded kernels, and any kernels which will be loaded in future.
Disable results in breakpoints no longer being set on loaded kernels, but doesn't affect existing breakpoints.

Current command 'language renderscript kernel breakpoint' is changed to 'language renderscript kernel breakpoint set'

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This looks fine to me. You might want to add LIBLLDB_LOG_BREAKPOINT to your log creation, you can them together, and if I was tracking breakpoints with "log enable lldb breakpoint" I'd expect to see these logs.

You might also consider giving all your kernel breakpoints some convenient name (using Breakpoint::AddName) That would allow users, e.g. to disable all the breakpoints set on kernels, or add hit counts, etc. When I get a little spare time I'm going to add the ability to add breakpoint commands to a name, and have it apply to all breakpoints with that name, so that will make this even more useful. If you do this, just be sure to choose something like RenderScriptKernel or whatever that won't be a commonly chosen name.

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