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[NativeProcessLinux] Reduce the number of casts

Authored by labath on Aug 20 2015, 3:05 AM.



NPL used to be peppered with casts of the NativeThreadProtocol objects into NativeThreadLinux. I
move these closer to the source where we obtain these objects. This way, the rest of the code can
assume we are working with the correct type of objects.

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Looks good.

One inconsistency what might worth a change is that you usually pass NPL as a shared_ptr (or a reference to a shared_ptr) but you created a few function where it isn't true (e.g. ThreadWasCreated). I would prefer to always pass it by shared_ptr (possibly as a reference) for consistency.

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You may use std::make_shared

labath marked an inline comment as done.Aug 21 2015, 2:12 AM

Passing around pointers (shared or otherwise) encourages people to litter the code with null pointer checks. For the next cleanup, I would like to move these checks to a single place and then convert more of these functions to take references.

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Thanks for the info about the plans. If you plan to move to this direction then it make sense to leave these functions with reference arguments.

Side note: Why we use a shared_ptr for NTL? I would expect a unique_ptr would be sufficient in NPL (or possibly a store by value with move constructors).